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Ketentuan dan Kebijakan yang   berafiliasi dengan Frontline Work Freelancing menyediakan layanan ("Layanan") yang memungkinkan pelanggan untuk terhubung dengan jaringan freelancer dari Marketplace yang didistribusikan secara geografis ("GOOGLEB4U") untuk mendapatkan penyedia layanan untuk berbagai keterlibatan jangka pendek. Silakan baca Syarat & Kebijakan ini, Perjanjian Pelanggan ("Perjanjian") secara keseluruhan jika Anda ingin menjadi pelanggan.


Dengan evolusi di bidang TI, ada banyak peluang untuk menunjukkan dan memanfaatkan keterampilan dan keahlian Anda untuk semua jenis orang di seluruh dunia tanpa memandang di mana Anda tinggal dan berapa banyak waktu yang Anda miliki. Atas dasar transformasi besar ini, kami mendirikan GoogleB4U.


 We  offer  a   Marketplace   service   where  you  can  easily  outsource  jobs to the world online. We support overseas projects such  as market research, design, and local blog entries amongst others. We  connect  talented  freelance  designers with creative people, genius entrepreneurs, and savvy businesses.  Experts  from  over  50  countries  around  the  world  with  over  registered   skills  will promptly assist with your everyday needs. We keep this motto in mind as we challenge  a  new  age.  GoogleB4U  is  the  Best  Marketplace  for  Eligible  New  Freelancers. We encourage a supportive,  collaborative   work   environment    where  no  ideas  are  silly  and  everyone's   voice  is    important.  GoogleB4U  employs  an  escrow  payment  system to protect both freelancers and clients.


This     Agreement     sets    out   the   terms  of the relationship  between  GoogleB4U and you. By signing this  Agreement  or  the  GoogleB4U in connection   with the Service, you represent that you   have   read,  understand,    and    agree   to   be   bound   by  this agreement, and you have the authority to enter into this agreement personally or on behalf of the company you have named as the Customer.   The terms   “you”   and “Customer” refer to you  or the legal  entity which you work for or represent. This agreement includes GoogleB4U’s Privacy Policy.

GoogleB4U is different than any other freelance    marketplace.  As a freelancer you don’t need to place any bids, here every    client showed up  there specifications as per there requirements. And freelancer’s    works according to their   requirement  and  delivered on time. The employer will paid up accordingly to the selected freelancer who has best work and this is some kind of a contest and it became more popular over the world.


What type of works is available here?


CPA Marketing, Graphics Design, Photography, Video Editing, Affiliate, Market Research, Translation & Interpreting, Content Writing  &  Editing etc.



 How to sign Up    ?


Registering on GoogleB4U is completely free. You need to follow some steps to create a account at Here you go:

Step 1: First browse

 Step 2: Then Click sign up button.

Step3: You will find a form to fill up. Give your information and click on Submit button.

N.B: First give Pin Code (Know it from your Counselor). You can use this pin code if you want ##  8130123456789googleb4u  ##. Special characters and space is not allowed.

Give a password for further use.

Give a valid email id.

 Provide your contact number.

 Only one ID will be opened with a phone number and an email.

Step 4: Then you will get a verification email, the one you used for sign up with GoogleB4U.

 Step 5: Log in to your email and click the Verification link that sent from

Step 6: In addition to clicking the link, you will receive congratulatory messages from for your successful registration. And you'll see that your ID is open.


 NB: You cannot change your username once you create an account.

You have been successfully signing up at

Thank You


What type of contest will be here?


This is    complete     contest    type    project    and    the    one    who did best according to the clients requirement, will be awarded to the project. There has two type of freelancer here, number one is free members and they are working with a limited number   of work and boundaries. And premium members, who able to work any kind of job. But as a free membership subscription if you unable to prove yourself as a skill full    worker   you  will not be able to continue with GoogleB4U and may be terminated.


A user’s profile page can be viewed by clicking on their username. The user profile page displays the user’s username, photograph, and track record of jobs on GoogleB4U and evaluation of said jobs, clarification of   whether   or   not   ID verification has been submitted, country of residence, declared skills, language ability, date of registration and last date of logging in.


On the profile page is Self Introduction and the user’s profile information, Portfolio of the user’s design artwork and website design samples, evaluation of work by clients.

 How to update Your Information and Skills

Login your I’D and Go to PROFILE

Click Edit Profile and Give your information

Select Skill Categories

Click on Update button.      


How to Find a Job and How to apply for a job

The freelancers will work under the   supervision  of   googleB4U. And  clients    will  offer and provide them via this marketplace. Click the Home button at the top of the page. You will see notification    for   CPA   Marketing's   Earning  Time.   A premium   freelance     has  to  work   on  keeping  his  or her earning schedule properly. For every promotional income, 30 days validity will  be  added  for CPA  marketing . If a  freelancer fails, then the CTR income of the freelancer will be  suspended  until the next promotion is earned. But according to his other earning skills and his ID will be as secure as a premium member.

For Skills Wise Job Offers browse the list of jobs by scrolling.

Click on the job titles from the list to view job details.

To submit the Skills Wise Job, go to the uploaded project at Basic account info.

Click on the title of the job that you want to apply, submit your work file and information. Click on the SUBMIT button.

 Client will send you request for your project, if you accept, you will receive a payment. This process will be complete by googleb4u.


If you want  you can  transfer your rewards to the transfer deposit.   Follow the transfer process.   The terms in this Section govern any purchase of any rewards in the Website. When concluding the purchase procedure for any rewards, it shall be deemed that the User has read and accepted, without exception, the rewards Terms.


In  case   the   User    is    interested   in purchasing any rewards, it has to follow the instructions available in the Website from   time to time. The price for the rewards is stated in US Dollars in the  Website  and  includes,   if   applicable, the relevant Value Added Tax. Googleb4u is entitled to   modify   the  price for any rewards at any time. Googleb4u shall apply the price stated in the Website at the time of the submission of the order of the rewards by the User.



How to get paid:


You   can   withdraw  money from this marketplace weekly, using our available payment option. Most of popular payment method we have tried to introduced here in order to make the easier to deposit or make a withdrawn for freelancers as well as for employers.

・The minimum amount in your account to withdraw funds is 55 rewards.

・Payments are processed within 21 days.

Go to Withdraw Method

 Fill up “Payment Instructions”

  • Choose an account that you have
  • Input the amount you would like to withdraw
  • Click SUBMIT button


 To be a premium member, you have to keep $80.00 fixed deposit, which you can withdraw after 4 years.


Customer and Googleb4u acknowledge and agree that the neither Frontline nor the Payroll   Company   will control the working conditions or the workplace in which a Payroll Employee will perform services for a Customer.



Team Function


“Team    Function” is a   function   which   contracts for    project style job with a team. The team consists of a number of freelancers.    If   you   invite your friends on Googleb4u, it’s possible to work with them. If you use “message function” on Googleb4u, you can communicate with team members and clients easily.

In the organization Structure, you can fill the googleb4u premium membership target, so that your ID will be secured for the future.

The biggest advantage to working with a Team is the ability to spread the scope of the work. If you are unable to apply for a project job alone, you can  apply for the job with people who have skill.   For   example,    it’s    difficult to apply medium-sized or more of website design by oneself. Because   the   job   needs  many kinds of skill such as design, programming and writing. So if you work   with    team  members    who have different skills, you can spread the width of the work. If you   have   team member who    is good at    language,    you can apply overseas work. Also client canoffer   the    job   which   need    multiple   skills  more efficiently and reduce the cost and time.

Go to history for check your all Transaction.

The    specific    information    we    collect   through our service is dependent on how you use our service.  Googleb4u    will    not    share    information in your profile with third parties unless it is required by law to do so.Googleb4u encourages users to monitor the work on the site when the copyright owner to file an infringement allegation and produce sufficient copyright documents, Googleb4u   will   engage    in    the   investigate,    the   infringing   works   will  be  deleted in a few days after the infringement was confirmed.



Taxes and Fees


GoogleB4U     charges   fees   and collects payment for each Service    Engagement. You agree to provide GoogleB4U with complete and accurate billing and contact   information, including but not    limited to,   Customer’s    legal name,   street address,    e-mail address,    and   the name and telephone number of an authorized billing contact. You agree to update this information within thirty   (30)   days   of   any    change   to it.   If   the  contact information you have provided is false or fraudulent, GoogleB4U   reserves   the  right to terminate your access to the Service, and any outstanding   Service   Engagement,   in   addition   to   pursuing   any   available   legal   remedies. Generally,   you   will    be   billed   each   day   for   services   provided   that   day. Special payment arrangements may be made when appropriate. The Service Fee for engaging a freelancer as an independent    contractor   totals   20%   of   the   Payment  amount and is generally for creating, hosting,   administering,   maintaining   and  providing the Application (collectively, the “Invoice Amount”) .    A Service Request shall be considered complete once the Deliverables have been accepted by     Customer in accordance with Section. The charge for Service Engagements that involve GoogleB4U payroll application for hiring freelancers as employees will be determined based    on   the    type    of   engagement and geographic location of the Marketplace and that is mutually agreed upon by GoogleB4U and you.

 The User acknowledges and agrees that uses the Website and its Services at the User’s own risk and under the User’s responsibility and therefore Googleb4u does not accept any responsibility for misuse or use in breach of these Terms.

GoogleB4U fees do not include any taxes, levies, duties or similar governmental assessments of   any   nature,   including   but   not   limited   to   value-added, sales, use or withholding taxes, assessable   by  any local, state, provincial, federal or foreign jurisdiction (collectively, “Taxes”). Customer   is   responsible   for   paying   all  Taxes   associated   with its purchases hereunder. If GoogleB4U  has  the legal obligation to pay or collect Taxes for which Customer is responsible under this section, the appropriate amount shall be invoiced to and paid by Customer.

Service Request

This     Privacy   Policy   is subject to periodic revision. If we make any substantial changes in the way  we  use  your  Personal  Data, we will notify you by sending you an e-mail to the last e-mail address    you    provided  to   us  and/or  by  prominently  posting  notice  of  the  changes  on  our website. Any material changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective upon the earliest of thirty (30)  calendar  days  following  our dispatch of an e-mail notice to you of the changes, thirty (30) calendar  days following  our posting  of  notice  of   the changes on our site, or the date that you accept the changes.

Kebijakan Privasi ini menjelaskan praktik kami mengenai Data Pribadi dan Data Anonim (masing-masing sebagaimana didefinisikan di bawah) yang kami kumpulkan dari pengguna situs web kami. Kebijakan Privasi ini dimasukkan ke dalam, dan dianggap sebagai bagian dari, Ketentuan Layanan.